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Pre-Order for C2E2 Pick-Up

Image of Pre-Order for C2E2 Pick-Up



I'm opening up a few spots for commission pre-orders, only for pick-up at C2E2, April 6 - 8. There will probably also be a few spots open at the show? I want to take my time with these so it'll be limited.

Head & torso sketches. Each piece is signed, inked, and toned on 9x12 Bristol paper.

Please follow-up with a message describing your request as soon as possible. EVEN BETTER: If you can, give me like three character options in order of preference for me to choose.

Also let me know which day you'll be stopping by to pick up. I'll be at table B10 in Artist Alley.

Any messages/questions can be directed to the Contact link on the right or Twitter.

I think that's it? Okay, thanks thanks thanks

Sold Out