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THINGS! because Irma

Image of THINGS! because Irma


9/17 UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who ordered! My parents are now all set and seem to have everything they need to get back to normal. All proceeds on the remaining packs will go towards charities for hurricane relief.

OKAY SO my parents are in Florida and made it through Irma safely, but the mom and pop -- literally mom and pop -- business they run has been affected because of power outages... Not only do they have to wait indefinitely for that to be fixed, they will need to replace a lot of stuff before they can re-open. 75% of proceeds will go to them so they can get back to work as easily as possible; other 25% will go to charities for hurricane relief.

PACKS! I've dialed back on cons and almost never do mail stuff, so this is a rare opportunity! Get things and do some good! Win-win!

Each pack includes at least...

- THREE 8x10 prints from the Experiment series (I'll try to pick match-y colors)
- Black Canary button
- Kate button
- Black Canary tour poster
- Hawkeye postcard pack (FIVE cards)
- THREE floppies (might be a Wu-illustrated issue or variant cover or compilation featuring my work; feel free to request a specific title/character but I can't promise anything)
- Postcard with Sharpie sketch (artist's choice)
- A yelled THANK YOU into each envelope before sealing

And I will sign all that can be signed. No two packs are the same. Limit two per person.

Signed paper items will be personalized with the name on the order unless otherwise specified -- please contact me with changes within 24 hours of ordering.

Doing a limited number so I'll close orders when I run out. Packs will ship at the end of September.

Please direct any questions to @anniew on Twitter.

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